Behind the scenes of the Alaska Railroad… Trains Photos

Over the past few weeks we’ve gotten a chance to check out the best that the Alaska Railroad has to offer – from its most attractive scenery to some of its rarer routes, we’ve covered a lot of ground. Part of the awesomeness of the NRHS convention was that we...

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Tuesday Tour of the Hudson Line: Spuyten Duyvil Trains Photos Tuesday Tours

View of the railroad tracks near Spuyten Duyvil in 1890. When coming up with superlatives for the Hudson Line, people generally cite it as Metro-North’s most attractive line. I, on the other hand, like to think of it as the most frequently misspelled. It is the Hudson Line that has...

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Tuesday Tour of the Hudson Line: Breakneck Ridge Trains Photos Tuesday Tours

Penn Central locomotive passes by Breakneck Ridge in 1971. Though Metro-North is primarily a commuter railroad, there are a few station stops throughout the system that break that mold. Mount Pleasant is a limited-service station on the Harlem Line, adjacent to several cemeteries. In addition, there are three other limited-service...

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Tuesday Tour of the Hudson Line: Philipse Manor Trains Photos Tuesday Tours

Aerial view of Philipse Manor station, the Hudson Line, and the Hudson River. [image credit] Our next stop on the Hudson Line is the kind of station that makes me glad I started this exploratory tour two years ago. While there are certainly some very boring, or at least run-of-the-mill,...

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