Buy your train tickets at the Union Ticket Office, 1861 Trains Humor Advertisements History

Today as a graphic designer, I have various different methods for catching your attention in an advertisement. Attractive imagery, and most importantly, color, are major ways a designer can catch your eye. But what if we’re talking about design well over a hundred years ago, when color printing and photography...

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Tuesday Tour of the New Haven Line: Mamaroneck Trains Photos Tuesday Tours

Postcard view of Mamaroneck station Aerial view of Mamaroneck. The old station is to the left, away from the tracks and platform. Welcome to one of the final Tuesday Tours of the New Haven Line. Our stop today is the delightful village of Mamaroneck. I had every intention of posting...

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Tuesday Tour of the New Haven Line: Fairfield Trains Photos Tuesday Tours

Postcard view of Fairfield station Welcome to Fairfield, the next stop on our tour of the New Haven Line. Although it isn’t as hip as the new Fairfield Metro station, it does have a bit of history – including an 1882 station listed on the National Register of Historic Places....

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Tuesday Tour of the Harlem Line: Crestwood Trains Advertisements Photos Tuesday Tours

Norman Rockwell’s version of Crestwood Not many train stations can claim the honor of having been featured on the front of the Saturday Evening Post… or for that matter, having been painted by iconic American painter Norman Rockwell (Rockwell had a long association with doing covers for the Post, stretching...

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Tuesday Tour of the Harlem Line: Brewster Trains Photos Tuesday Tours

There is always a little part of me that considers Brewster my home station. It was from here that I took my first Metro-North train. I even ran away from home once – I managed to get to Brewster and hopped on a train. When I first started my job...

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