Holidays on the Harlem Line Events Museums

Did I ever mention that sometimes I wonder if I picked the wrong profession? I enjoy graphic design but advertisements? For things like Christmas? Bah humbug, I hate Christmas. Well, no, actually I hate being told that I am required to purchase extravagant gifts for a particular person. Honestly, I’d much rather give someone a for no reason other than this reminded me of you present. But yet, here I am, working on last minute ads for Black Friday… Just this once though, just for my lovely readers, I will pretend that I enjoy the holidays, and fill you in...

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Cool Decorated Trains in Japan Trains Photos

There were a lot of cool trains that I got to ride in Japan. Some were amazingly fast, others had decorated outsides. I put together a little gallery of some of the cooler trains that I enjoyed riding, or seeing on the platform. Enjoy the photos! Train ID: Thomas the Tank Engine Train: Keihan Railways (I think), Kyoto, Japan World of Peter Rabbit Train: Japan Railways, Osaka, Japan Flowered Train: Nankai Railways, Wakayama Prefecture, Japan Universal Studios Train: Japan Railways, Osaka, Japan Purple Nature Motif Train: Japan Railways, Wakayama Prefecture, Japan Although these may be pretty on the outside, they...

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