The branches of the New Haven Line, in pictures Trains Photos

Yesterday I featured the only outstanding New Haven Line branch station on our Tuesday Tour, Springdale. Now that the branches are complete, I thought it might be nice to post one of my favorite images from each station in a single gallery. It gives you a quick idea of what each branch is like, and a glimpse into the life of a commuter from each station. The locales photographed vary from outstanding examples of historical stations and well-known landmarks, to bare-bones, concrete platforms that are just barely stations. Each branch terminates at a historically-important station, though only one of the...

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Tuesday Tour of the New Haven Line: Seymour Trains Photos Tuesday Tours

In my endeavor to finish up the stations of the Waterbury Branch, today we find ourselves at the last remaining station: Seymour. Seymour is a little town located in the Naugatuck Valley, named for the 36th Governor of Connecticut, Thomas Henry Seymour. There isn’t much of a “downtown” Seymour, but the closest thing to it is a series of shops located on Main Street. Not far from those shops is Seymour’s Metro-North train station. Located 75 miles from Grand Central, a trip from Seymour station to the city takes a bit over two hours. Because there is no direct service,...

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