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Counting down the 12 most popular posts of 2011, Part 1 0

Counting down the 12 most popular posts of 2011, Part 1

2011 was certainly a whirlwind of a year. The site found itself featured in the New York Times, and I even had a radio interview. There were visits to lots of interesting places: train stations in Quebec, South Africa, and Zimbabwe, and non train related spots like an ice hotel,...

Weekly News Roundup, 12/23 0

Weekly News Roundup, 12/23

Here’s this week’s news, on this incredibly grey and rainy day. Connecticut to get quiet car trial When Metro-North started doing trials for their “Quiet CALMute” quiet car program, it only included the Harlem and Hudson Lines. Starting January 9th, however, quiet cars will be appearing on the New Haven...

Quiet cars and “Shh cards” 14

Quiet cars and “Shh cards”

If you haven’t heard, quiet cars will be coming to Metro-North. Conceptually it is a great idea. In practice, well, we’ll see how it works. Passengers prove time and time again that they will pretty much do whatever the hell they want – whether it be putting their feet on...