Riding the Alaska Railroad, Part 1 History Photos

In our previous post regarding Alaska, we traveled the Dalton Highway up into the Arctic Circle, a route that for the most part parallels the Trans Alaska Pipeline. The interesting thing to note about the Highway is that there could have been a railroad here too, and possibly instead of...

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BP Oil Spill Ads Humor

Despite the fact that this isn’t in any way related to trains, I figured that I’d post it anyways, considering it is a rather relevant current topic. Many on twitter are talking about BPGlobalPR, a satirical user account tweeting about the oil spill. This evening they tweeted looking for people...

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BPGlobalPR Billboards

Some of BPGlobalPR‘s tweets, in billboard format. Be sure to check back every once and a while, because we’ll be adding more. Last updated June 3, 9:56 PM EST. Other pages: • Sarah Palin says, “Welcome to the Gulf! I love BP! Drill, baby, drill!” •If the Gulf oil spill...

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