Riding the Alaska Railroad, Part 1 History Photos

In our previous post regarding Alaska, we traveled the Dalton Highway up into the Arctic Circle, a route that for the most part parallels the Trans Alaska Pipeline. The interesting thing to note about the Highway is that there could have been a railroad here too, and possibly instead of the Pipeline. After the discovery of oil in Prudhoe Bay in 1968, the problem was how exactly to get this oil out of such a remote location. Prudhoe Bay is in the far north of Alaska, and ocean access is hindered by ice – a fact that assured whichever method...

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Looking back at 2010… a countdown of the most popular Trains Humor

Ah, 2010. You were the first full year that I actually operated this blog. Lots of fun and shenanigans were to be had. I decided to take a look back at what was popular on the site this year, as a wrap-up for 2010… 1. BPGlobal Billboards The first entry here is not train-related in any way… however it was such a major news story at the time I couldn’t not have some fun with it – though fun is actually a terrible way to describe it, as the Gulf Oil Spill was quite tragic. To me the two standouts...

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If the Gulf oil spill was over New York (and the Harlem Line)…

If the Gulf oil spill was over New York, that is how big it would be. It is large enough to cover the entire states of Connecticut and Rhode Island. Without difficulty it could easily cover the entire Harlem Line: the original line, all the way to Chatham. Heck, it would cover all of Metro-North’s track! This site is really great for visualizing how big this oil spill actually is. The map can put the spill over any part of the earth you are familiar with, so you can get a better idea. Crazy stuff.

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BP Oil Spill Ads Humor

Despite the fact that this isn’t in any way related to trains, I figured that I’d post it anyways, considering it is a rather relevant current topic. Many on twitter are talking about BPGlobalPR, a satirical user account tweeting about the oil spill. This evening they tweeted looking for people to post up “billboards” on the same topic. I suck at coming up with catch phrases, so I just picked some of my favorite tweets and turned them into billboards. Oh, and if tomorrow’s scheduled post comes a little late, you’ll know why. I was totally going to write it...

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