Metro-North Announces Today M-8 Railcars Will Not Debut on the New Haven Line, as Previously Planned Trains Humor Photos

In a drastic change of plans, today Metro-North has announced that the M-8 railcars will not be debuting on the New Haven Line. The new cars, made by the Kawasaki company, have been arriving a few at a time from Japan ever since December. They were to go into testing on the New Haven Line shortly, and hopefully launched by winter of this year, replacing the aging M-2 cars currently in use there. New M-8 car, with blue Harlem Line paint scheme The new M-8 cars which have already arrived will be getting new paint jobs – in a blue...

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The M8’s are coming! Trains Photos

The Japanese-designed M8 cars for the New Haven Line are coming… for real! The first pair will be shipped on a freighter from Kobe, Japan on Wednesday. After a month at sea, the cars will arrive in Baltimore, and from there will be shipped to New Haven. By March, another three pairs will be arriving, enough for a full eight car train. If all goes well, New Haven Line riders should be seeing M8’s by late next year. All of the cars can run on both third rail power, and from catenary wires. And of course, they are all decked...

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