Around White Plains… Trains Observations Humor Photos

When it comes to crazy people, White Plains station has no shortage of them. From now on I think I will officially dub the man which I’ve talked about a few times as Mr. Chicago, as he always seems to be talking about Chicago. This morning I was sitting waiting for the shuttle, and he sat down next to me. He was having a long conversation with himself, parts of which sounded like they were complete gibberish. He also described a fat woman that looked like Johnny Damon, and about how he would have beaten someone up, had he not...

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Annoy Your Fellow Train Riders… Trains

When I first began commuting, I always thought it would be incredibly amusing (or rather, incredibly annoying) to record the noise that the M7A trains make before announcing stops, and use it as a text message alert on my phone. I never actually did it until recently, since the trains I usually ride are of the older variety. Friday I happened to leave work early and ended up on an M7A, so I made a little recording. It is now my text message alert. It could be yours too… I decided to put the noise up for download. Enjoy! M7...

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