Tuesday Tour of the Hudson Line: Greystone Trains Photos Tuesday Tours

Photograph of Harriman station from the 1903 book Yonkers Illustrated. The station was renamed Greystone circa 1910. Greystone station in 1915. [image source] If you’ve been following me around on my tour of all of Metro-North’s stations, you most likely remember me visiting Harriman station, which is on the Port Jervis Line. However, there is another station, on the Hudson Line, that was also called Harriman in the past. The station now goes by the name of Greystone, and it is today’s stop on our tour of the Hudson Line. Greystone station is located in Yonkers, and approximately 17 miles...

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Tuesday Tour of the Port Jervis Line: Harriman Trains History Photos Tuesday Tours

  The two above photos were on a single postcard, showing the old and new stations at Harriman. The station at left was known as Turners, and was replaced with the station on the right in 1911. From the collection of Steve Swirsky. As we continue north on our tour of the Port Jervis Line, the next station we encounter is Harriman. When the railroad first arrived here in the 1800’s, the station was known as Turners, after original landowner Peter Turner. The first station built by Turner burned down in 1873, and was replaced with a smaller wood structure...

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