A glimpse of Chicago’s trains…

For almost the entire duration of my recent trip to Chicago the weather was cold, and the skies gray… hardly the type of weather to be out photographing in. In fact, despite it being June, I regretted not bringing my cat hat. I ended up spending much of my time exploring the city’s lovely museums – including my personal favorite, the Museum of Science and Industry (yes, it has trains in it – including the Empire State Express 999, which I’ve posted pictures of before… photos that were taken by my former neighbor when the 999 was in Chatham).

In the few moments where the weather was nice, I did try and get out to take pictures. At one point I walked about a mile and a half to one of my favorite photographing spots in the city (shh… I’m not telling), only to have the clouds cover the sky again by the time I got there, making everything look like crap (or perhaps like my crappy photos of the Port Jervis line?). Even when the weather wasn’t against me, hipster winos were – two of the three days I was in town they rented out and locked up the Great Hall (I found this out too late). The Beaux Arts Great Hall at times seems at odds with the rest of the station, which other than a few attempts at Art Deco styling, is relative craphole and hardly photogenic. If I hadn’t gotten at least a few photos of the Great Hall when I first arrived I seriously would have cried. I guess Chicago is trying to tell me I need to get my ass back there again sometime soon.

Alas, here are a few of the semi-decent photos I took on my journey to Chicago. If you’re interested in seeing more train photography from Chicago, Tyler from I Ride the T has also visited the Windy city recently, and has a lovely set of photographs (and hopefully more to come soon!).


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