Even more Riding in Style on the New York Central – a tour of The Empire State Express Trains Museums History

Imagine the year is 1894. You are about to embark on a journey to Buffalo on the finest railcars of the New York Central and Hudson River Railroad. Your seat is of the softest plush, the curtains are of silk, and the car’s wood paneling is made of the finest oak and mahogany. At the front of your train is the legendary locomotive 999, the fastest on wheels. Though she once was clocked at speed of 112.5 miles per hour, she’ll likely average around 60 miles per hour on your journey to Buffalo. This is the Empire State Express, and...

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A glimpse of Chicago’s trains… Trains Photos

For almost the entire duration of my recent trip to Chicago the weather was cold, and the skies gray… hardly the type of weather to be out photographing in. In fact, despite it being June, I regretted not bringing my cat hat. I ended up spending much of my time exploring the city’s lovely museums – including my personal favorite, the Museum of Science and Industry (yes, it has trains in it – including the Empire State Express 999, which I’ve posted pictures of before… photos that were taken by my former neighbor when the 999 was in Chatham). In...

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Sunset on the Orange Line Trains Videos

A while back I started an account on YouTube for the blog. I had high hopes for making various videos, but that sort of took a backseat to photography, and I never really did anything interesting there. When I changed the header out a month or two ago, I dropped the YouTube link, since I figured it was pointless to promote an account I do nothing with (as opposed to twitter, on which I am quite active, and you should totally follow me). Every once and a while, however, I manage to do something interesting that gets posted to YouTube…...

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Taking a break from the Hudson… see ya next month! Photos

Photo of the Hudson Line, with Pollepel Island and Bannerman Castle in the background. Taken from the Breakneck Ridge station. Taken last weekend, as I’ve been touring the Hudson Line. Hey everyone… I’m taking a little break from touring the Hudson line and heading out west… I’ll be visiting Minneapolis and Chicago, and riding part of the Empire Builder and the Lake Shore Limited. Most likely, you won’t even know I’m gone – there are several posts in the queue that will be posting themselves, including the Tuesday Tour. If you comment or email, however, I may not be able...

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