Happy 100th, Grand Central Terminal! History Photos

At this exact time, 100 years ago, Grand Central Terminal opened its doors to the public for the very first time. Here’s a fun timeline of the century plus history of Grand Central. Happy 100th!

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A recap of our Grand Central 100 for 100 Project Photos

Today’s the big celebration for Grand Central’s 100th. Here’s a quick recap of the 100 photos we featured for the past 100 days to celebrate the centennial. Look for something super cool tomorrow at 12:01 AM – the time that Grand Central Terminal first opened to the public!

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A visit to the secret library inside Grand Central Terminal History Photos

Grand Central Terminal has plenty of secrets, though most of them aren’t quite secret, as they have been covered in the media in some shape or form. If you’re lucky enough to ever get on a VIP tour of the Terminal, there is one place that tour most likely will never go – the Williamson Library. That’s right – hidden within the walls of Grand Central Terminal, since 1937, is a library! It certainly isn’t flashy – and probably not tremendously interesting to anyone that isn’t a railfan – but one of the library’s prized possessions makes this one of...

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Grand Central Theatre, and the other sky ceiling History Photos

The famous sky ceiling… Grand Central Terminal’s sky ceiling is world-famous. Even if you’ve never been to the Terminal, you may have at least seen pictures of the gorgeous main concourse. Far fewer people, however, are familiar with the other (albeit much smaller) cerulean and gold sky ceiling also found in Grand Central. Once part of the lobby of the Grand Central Theatre, this other sky painting can be found above the registers in the Grande Harvest Wines shop, next to track 17.   The lesser-known sky ceiling The theatre itself is also not often mentioned, though it was a...

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