The Transit Museum’s Bus Festival is this Sunday Museums Photos

       Photos from last year’s Bus Festival Although the Transit Museum in Brooklyn is known for its collection of subway cars, it also has quite a collection of historical buses as well. Every year the museum has a Bus Festival to show off that collection, in conjunction with the Atlantic Antic, Brooklyn’s largest street fair. Admission to the event is completely free to see the buses and the museum. The festival runs from 10 AM until 6 PM this Sunday. I won’t be attending this year, but last year’s festival was really great and I highly recommend it! For...

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New York Transit Museum Bus Festival Museums Photos

So this weekend was pretty interesting… and rather busy. I was in the city both Saturday and Sunday, and thankfully at least one of the days wasn’t terrible weather-wise. Saturday started out with me, rather embarrassingly, getting chased by a security guard at the Nintendo Store. When he finally caught up with me, he demanded, “Where are your parents?” Apparently he thought I looked around 15 years of age, and people under 18 need to have a parent present. Of course this has never been a problem every other darn time I’ve been at the store… but I suppose the...

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