Visiting Victoria Falls Station, Zimbabwe Trains Photos

Ah, Zimbabwe. What exactly can I say about you? You have beautiful landscapes and interesting people, but your president-for-life (not officially, there are “elections”) has run your economy into the shitter… Case-in-point: I am now a trillionaire. Mind you, I was told if you wanted a loaf of bread (back...

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Riding South Africa’s Premier Classe Train, Part 2 Trains Photos

In my previous post, I gave a little bit of preliminary information about the Premier Classe train journey that I took in South Africa. Before I continue, perhaps I should share with you a few facts about the infrastructure of the rails in South Africa – things I wasn’t aware...

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Riding South Africa’s Premier Classe Train, Part 1 Trains Photos

Back in the days of Imperialism, where Africa was carved up and occupied by various European nations, there was a man by the name of Cecil Rhodes that had a dream. And it wasn’t exactly tricking the world into thinking diamonds are incredibly rare (though as the founder of the...

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