Every time I look at stock photography, I think my IQ drops a few points. I have seen some of the most stupid things in my life on stock photo websites. I wonder why in the hell people would ever purchase these images.

Case in point:

And guess what, this is model and property released! It could be yours! This image is great for all big businesses and trendy organizations looking for the perfect picture!

Interested in buying this image? You can buy it at Thinkstock! We advertise all over the internet about how wonderful our images are, and this is exactly what we’re talking about. Superior quality stock! EDIT: After one year, Thinkstock has finally come to their senses and deleted this piece of shit.

In fact, I couldn’t help but take one of Thinkstock’s real banners (that I see everywhere) and help them out a bit – added their best stock image onto the banner!