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  1. I have lived along the Harlem Line most of my life (since 1946) when my father commuted to GC from White Plains. In the mid 1950s, while in high school, I dated a girl in NYC. On Saturdays, I caught an express from WP that originated in Chatham, I think, which had a dining car. All dressed up, I would proceed there and have a delicious breakfast as the speedy trip to GC went by. I thought that this is how it would be when I someday became a daily commuter.

    I commuted for many years from Chappaqua beginning in 1969 but have never seen that dining car again.

    Have you ever eaten in a real old fashioned dining car with tables covered with white tablecloths, heavy flatware and china and waiters to take your order and serve you? It is a special experience!

    I am such a Harlem line guy that when I infrequently take a Hudson Line or New Haven train I feel like I am in a foreign country!

  2. FYI…Upcoming exhibits at the Museum of the City of New York

    The following may be of interest:

    1) The interlocking tile vaults built by Spanish immigrants Rafael Guastavino, Sr. (1842-1908), and his son, Rafael Jr. (1872-1950). Includes photos of the GCT Oyster Bar.

    2) Fifty years of New York City Landmarks–impact of the Landmark Law. Includes photo of GCT.

    General museum information:

  3. This is about the posts about John M Wisker. After the railroad tried to hang him out to dry but was aquited he was devistaded and became an alcholic. In the Wisker family its pretty much accepted that he was drunk while operating an engine for NY dock RR and he either fell into the water or it was a suicide. John M Wisker my great Graddfather

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