Holiday 2011 Card

This year’s holiday card is inspired by a 1943 New York Central ad


Check out the full ad and other vintage winter and holiday ads



Born: 1998, Southbury, CT
Favorite activities: Stealing food from the table when nobody’s looking, sleeping in front of the window or behind the computer monitor


Born: 2001–2011, Kentucky
Favorite activities: Swimming in the reservoir, playing ball, howling at the 7PM “bomb train” as it passes by Goldens Bridge


Born: 2003, Danbury, CT
Favorite activities: Going for car rides, chasing after the laser pointer, hanging out with Snuggles


Born: 2008, West Virginia
Favorite activities: Snuggling under blankets and pillows, hanging out with Rudy


Born: 2010, Japan
Favorite activities: Carrying passengers on the New Haven Line

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