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  1. I have lived along the Harlem Line most of my life (since 1946) when my father commuted to GC from White Plains. In the mid 1950s, while in high school, I dated a girl in NYC. On Saturdays, I caught an express from WP that originated in Chatham, I think, which had a dining car. All dressed up, I would proceed there and have a delicious breakfast as the speedy trip to GC went by. I thought that this is how it would be when I someday became a daily commuter.

    I commuted for many years from Chappaqua beginning in 1969 but have never seen that dining car again.

    Have you ever eaten in a real old fashioned dining car with tables covered with white tablecloths, heavy flatware and china and waiters to take your order and serve you? It is a special experience!

    I am such a Harlem line guy that when I infrequently take a Hudson Line or New Haven train I feel like I am in a foreign country!

  2. FYI…Upcoming exhibits at the Museum of the City of New York

    The following may be of interest:

    1) The interlocking tile vaults built by Spanish immigrants Rafael Guastavino, Sr. (1842-1908), and his son, Rafael Jr. (1872-1950). Includes photos of the GCT Oyster Bar.

    2) Fifty years of New York City Landmarks–impact of the Landmark Law. Includes photo of GCT.

    General museum information:

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