Wi-fi on Metro-North and Long Island Rail Road

The New York Post this morning reports that wi-fi may be coming to Metro-North and the Long Island Rail Road. The MTA is looking for developers to submit plans detailing how the service would be implemented and maintained. The plans include wi-fi in Grand Central Terminal, as well as Penn Station. The service must include a 24-hour help desk for commuters, and the service can’t be spotty at any part during the trip. Each company that submits a plan will detail whether the service will be free, or they intend to charge commuters. Plans must be submitted by May 17th. The MTA is possibly looking for this service to be installed by the end of the year.

“Real” online news sources have taught me that readers are stupid and require pictures. Often hilariously stupid and almost irrelevant pictures. Perhaps I can purchase one of these for riding on the train. That may be a step up from Crazy Cat Girl to Complete Crazy Nut Job.

Do me a favor though, and don’t tell my boss. The Post talked to a wonderful woman named Anna Greatbach, who said, “It’ll give me a great chance to keep in touch with… my employer on the way to work. That can be a huge advantage to businesses… when employees can be working for them outside the office.” Don’t give them any ideas!

I certainly would use the service if it existed… even if they charged a small fee. (Though of course it would be much better if it were free). This comes after Amtrak announced not too long ago that Acela trains would be having wi-fi. Amtrak’s wi-fi would be free, at least during the “introductory” period. The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) also offers wi-fi on their commuter trains, and that service is free. Hopefully those free services will serve as a precedent, and the MTA’s wi-fi will also be free. The only bad thing I predict about this wi-fi? I’d probably never again read a book on the train. And if you could play WoW on this wi-fi, I have a co-worker that would without a doubt begin riding the train again…

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