Who Uses Web Ticket? Metro-North & LIRR Online Discounts to be Discontinued

Yesterday the New York Post reports that Metro-North and LIRR may be phasing out yet another thing to save money: the discounts for buying tickets online. I have to admit though, I am curious: how many people have actually used Web Ticket? It has been around for a few years… I’ve used it a few times. But the one and only reason why I have is because of those discounts. Hell, they even market the whole thing by saying “Welcome to a convenient way to buy Metro-North train tickets for less.” Would people still use Web Ticket if there were no discounts? Anyone have thoughts on that? I don’t think I’d use it. There are quite a few people out there that need to buy their ticket from an actual person, they won’t use the machines. And certainly they wouldn’t use Web Ticket. But people that buy from Web Ticket probably have no issues buying from one of the many ticket machines available. And isn’t that more convenient? Buying the ticket when you need it, and not worry about the ticket taking a few days to come in the mail? The Mail and Ride system is separate, being subscribed and not having to buy the ticket on your own is convenient… and I imagine people would still use this service.

Another proposed change would effect returning tickets: a small fee will be charged, instead of being free. I suppose I can understand this, and so many places nowadays won’t accept returns period. Or they charge fees of an arm and a leg, and possibly your first-born child. Most people don’t even realize you can return tickets.

The possible elimination of off-peak fares remains the big change. Apparently more information will be revealed next week, after the MTA has their monthly board meeting.

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