Additional Ticket Offices to Close

Two days ago I posted a link to a story on saying that three Metro-North ticket offices would be closing on January 13: Larchmont, Harrison, and Fleetwood. Unfortunately LoHud reports this morning that the number of closures has jumped to seven. The closures are as follows:
Hudson Line: Ossining
Harlem Line: Fleetwood, Hartsdale, Chappaqua
New Haven Line: Larchmont, Harrison, Darien

That brings down the number of stations ticket offices on the Harlem Line down to eight (not counting Grand Central). As far as I am aware, Harlem Line ticket offices in Brewster, North White Plains, White Plains, Scarsdale, Bronxville, Mount Vernon West, Fordham, and Harlem 125th will remain open. But of course this could change as Metro-North looks to cut costs. Apparently none of the employees of the ticket offices will be laid off, just relocated to alternate positions with the railroad. Supposedly this cut will save $1.1 million in 2010.

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Some Metro-North ticket offices in Westchester to be closed

LoHud reported a few days ago that Metro North will be closing several manned ticket offices in Westchester county in order to cut costs. Ticket offices to be closed are Larchmont and Harrison, both on the New Haven Line, and Fleetwood, which is on the Harlem Line. They are set to be closed on January 13th.

I am certain that my friend is going to be thrilled when I tell her this. She often buys her ticket at the Fleetwood station. And she is one of those people that really hates dealing with machines. She wants to buy her ticket from a person. But I guess that isn’t how things work today. Apparently at Larchmont, only ten percent of the ticket sales were through the ticket counter. It is nice to cite numbers, but we aren’t seeing the number of people that used the ticket counter for other reasons, like looking for help or directions.

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Don’t Call This Number! (part 2)

If you rode the train yesterday, you may have noticed that it was the distribution day for the June version of Mileposts. The MTA detailed some cost cutting measures, one of which will be the elimination of the 1-800-METRO-INFO telephone number. I did mention in the past that I accidentally called a sex line, when I intended to call that number but instead called 1-800-MTA-INFO. In a couple of months someone else may have purchased 1-800-METRO-INFO. Instead of train schedules, you’ll hear… “Hey there sexy gentleman…”

Thaaaaanks Metro North.

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