Request for a 3D Printed Station Sign

If you would like to purchase a station name sign, please fill out the following form. You will be forwarded to Paypal to pay for your sign. Signs need to be custom made and then 3D printed, which takes time (the printers are also temporarily down right now due to Sandy). Then, the signs will need to be finished with a plastic primer and overcoat.

I am looking to do one batch in bulk of these signs. Therefore, if you would like one, place your order before November 15th. On the 16th of November I will send all orders out to be fabricated, which may take a few weeks. After that, I will finish them and send them out to you.

Example of a double sided name sign, with Hudson Line on one side and the Harlem on the other.

I originally designed this to be a nametag, perfectly sized to fit on your desk. The sign is 1:20 scale in size. You can pretty much write whatever you want on it though, for your name, or even for your favorite station! I have gotten requests to do other various signs. If you want one of these other signs, I can do them. Don’t fill out this form, email me instead.

Cost for station signs

Single sided sign: $28
Double sided sign: $30
Shipping cost: $6

Thanks for your interest, but I am no longer taking orders for custom station signs. If you are desperate for one, please contact me, and we may be able to work something out.

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