Winter 2015 – A Collection of Snowy Photos

Hopefully by now winter is waning, and yesterday’s snow storm will be the last big event of the season. It feels like it has has been a long winter – and one rife with cancellations, train delays, and even a full transit system shutdown. Despite the headaches, snow can of course be beautiful (in moderation!). Here’s a collection of some of my favorite photographs that I took this winter season, on Metro-North and beyond.

Who else is ready for spring?

Also, are you following I Ride the Harlem Line on Facebook and Instagram? Many of these photos appeared there first!


5 thoughts on “Winter 2015 – A Collection of Snowy Photos

  1. Good to see that the ex-NH double track bridge at Towners over the Upper Harlem is still intact. Has there been any more discussion of re-opening that line from Danbury since the inspection run 15-20 years ago?

    1. Various studies have been done over the years, but they all come to the conclusion that it is simply not worth it. The most promising one was to attempt to run shuttle service between Danbury and Southeast, but due to the nature of the track layout (a train crew would have to change ends after coming onto the Harlem above Dykemans, and building some type of wye would require taking over some wetlands near Ice Pond), not to mention all the upgrades that would be necessary, it was just deemed not economically worthwhile.

  2. The rails are severed at a highway bridge due to raising of that bridge,the ROW is
    used for Fiber optic cables that send commands to and responses from the Control
    Points across the entire MN territory,unknown if MN will reactivate the Maybrook line

    1. There is also a washout at Whaley Lake Stream, and large concrete blocks have been placed on either section of the unpassable track. In the summer highrail vehicles usually come out and spray for weeds so the line doesn’t become totally overgrown, but that is likely because of the fiberoptic cables you mentioned.

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