Crazy stuff always happens on the 5:27… Encounters / Observations Videos

By now you’ve all heard about Metro-North’s quiet car program… unfortunately, on the 5:27 Harlem Line train from Grand Central, there is no quiet car. There is, however, a crazy car. Over the three years I’ve taken this train, we’ve had lots of crazy things happen: from cheesecakes and cannolis, to magicians performing tricks, and Yankees trivia nights. Yesterday evening the crazy car was serenaded…

All of this usually happens after we leave Chappaqua, since by then most of the people on the train are gone.

3 thoughts on “Crazy stuff always happens on the 5:27…

  1. I humbly request some promo flyers or ads for the Metro-North crazy car program, oh great graphic designer. I’ve been trying for five minutes to think up a witty name for it, but my mind is blank after the cold wet commute, so you’re on your own. Sorry!

  2. Here’s that same song played on a real guitar (though the guy on the train may have been inspired by the Jimi Hendrix version):

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