Looking for love on the Harlem Line

I was slightly amused this morning… happened to find a post someone made on Craigslist, looking for a girl he met last night on the train.

Saw you on the train as I walked up the isle and took the seat diagonal to the right of you. You were messing around with your Blackberry Storm – seemed like you were having trouble playing the music, hope it finally works now. You had excellent taste in music, from what I saw you were rocking Kings of Leon (my fav), The Veronicas and The Beatles White Ablum (another good one). Also, not that I was totally stalking you, I saw that you ticket was to Crestwood when the conductor came by so you live pretty close, I’m from Bronxville. We made eye contact when I was standing up in front of you as we pulled into Bronxville, that’s when I noticed you had amazing eyes. I’d really like to hear from you and see if we have anything else in common besides good taste in music…

You: Attractive girl, dark hair with what seemed like redish highlights and a clip in it, light eyes and manicured nails.
Me: Dark curly hair (I needed a haircut), 5 o’clock shadow, jeans and white long sleeve shirt and black messenger bag

Good luck finding her, dude. It isn’t such a crazy idea… a few years back Patrick Moberg found his mystery subway girl after starting a website called NYGirlofmyDreams.com Though I guess the illustration and website is a bit more creative than Craigslist.


You can see the original post on Craigslist here.