White Plains on a Monday Morning

A week or two ago I mentioned a man that was yelling at taxis beeping their horns… I tend to see this man a lot, some days he is quiet, other days not so much. Today was one of those not so much days. He is a rather large man, and I don’t tend to associate giggling with a person like that. Giggling is like a schoolgirl type of thing… but he was certainly giggling.

Some trains were apparently running late this morning, and the announcement system announces what trains and how late they are. The train to Southeast was running about ten minutes late, trains heading into the city seemed to be on time. Mr. Giggles apparently thinks he is somewhere else, and shouts out, “The train to New York is late,” he giggles for a few moments, and then completes the thought, “because it had to stop in CHICAGO first.”

Apparently he was looking for attention and wasn’t getting any, so he decided to begin interrupting people’s conversations. A man and woman to my right were discussing how their shuttle was late. Mr. Giggles chimes in and says, “Amtrak does allow stopovers.” The man and woman look at him and say, “What?” Giggles continues, pointing up where the train platforms are, “The trains. Amtrak does allow stopovers.”

This is Metro North, my friend… though of course that is probably the man’s problems.

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