FMyLife and Pantsless Santa Claus

Today a coworker showed me the site FMyLife. I must say it is incredibly awesome. I ran into an entry about a person riding the train… I must say, with all my adventures, thankfully none were quite this horrible…

Today, it’s my birthday but I had to go to work. I catch the train and I am forced to sit next to this weird smelly dude who jumps off one stop before mine. A little old lady jumps on so I shuffle over so she can sit down with ease. Upon exiting the train i notice my pants are wet with smelly dude’s piss. FML

Then again, I am fairly certain that I saw the man I think of as Santa Claus without any pants yesterday, which can be fairly traumatizing. I occasionally see him around the train station, he looked like he could be homeless, but my roommate doesn’t seem to think so. Either way, his white hair and beard always reminded me of Santa Claus, hence the name. I got off the train and was all alone on my side of the platform (there are three sets of stairs to the platform at Goldens Bridge, I take the one on the south side since it is closer to my house, but for the most part it is the least used of the three) except for him sitting on the bench. His feet and legs were completely bare, and I am fairly certain he was not wearing pants. Either way, I tried to walk by as fast as possible while chanting inside my head “not looking, not looking, not looking”. Of course he had to do the opposite and stare intently the entire time.

In other news, Guy insisted that I upload a picture to the blog, it is a picture of a “Canine Conductor”. I asked if he was the first canine conductor, and received a laugh in response. He may be the first literal canine conductor however.

4 thoughts on “FMyLife and Pantsless Santa Claus

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  2. There’s also DAMMIT.COM
    DAMMIT.COM is a collection of anecdotes that provoke people to say

    Everyone says DAMMIT!
    More so than fmylife, fwhyme, or any of the others combined.

    DAMMIT! is One Word that millions of people around the world use on a
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    It’s not borderline suicidal either.


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