Don’t call this number!

Here is a delightfully terrible, poor quality image from my cell phone camera of my friend Fernella in front of one of the train schedule displays in White Plains. The displays are pretty nice, and incredibly useful. There are several of these spread throughout the train station, which list in order the trains arriving and what time. In the main ticket area, there is a train station display, which lists all the stations on the Harlem Line, and what time the next train that will stop at that station will arrive. I think I like these boards better than Grand Central… but that might be me just being all bitter about the old Solari flip signs being gone. I liked those.

Like I said though, incredibly useful. Except for when they are not working properly. This doesn’t happen often. In the seven months that I have been a regular commuter, I can recall only two times the displays were not working properly. Today the display just happened to not refresh, and was showing all the old early afternoon trains, and not the current trains. The one previous time it malfunctioned, it showed all the early afternoon trains, but instead of saying that they were “on time” it said they were all delayed.

Not realizing at the time the board was malfunctioning, I was sort of like “Holy shit! Are all the trains broken?! What is going on?! I must figure out why all the trains are delayed!” It seemed completely logical for me to call up MTA’s little info line on my cell, and if there was some sort of issue that lovely computerized machine would know what was going on. So I grab my phone, and I dial 1-800-MTA-INFO. Right?

WRONG. MTA’s phone number is NOT that. It is apparently 1-800-METRO-INFO. Does anyone know the story behind this? Because I am certainly not the only one to get this wrong, several websites list this as the proper number. Either way, I know it was certainly not right, when I heard on the other line…

Hey there sexy gentleman…

Yeah, definitely not the MTA.