I tend to think that the media uses a bit too much fear mongering… especially with this whole Swine Flu thing. In case I just happen to die from the swine flu, remember those as my last words. :D

Anyways, here are some great pictures I took today of someone who may be a little bit too afraid… everybody panic!

Alright, it wasn’t just “someone” … it was a coworker, but even still, it is pretty funny. This is the guy I wrote about before who has the phobia of pigeons… so of course I had to tell him that it would be just his luck to not get swine flu, but bird flu.

I’ll definitely start to laugh the day that other employees here start wearing masks… again, I do think there is a little bit too much panic going on… our company has even introduced some new “operating rules” due to swine flu:

  • Business travel to and from Mexico is prohibited.
  • No visitors are from Mexico are to be received by any ******** employee. Any such meetings are to be conducted by video conference or other such means.
  • Personal travel to and from Mexico is discouraged. Any employees who have or will be traveling to Mexico may not report back to work until a seven day quarantine period has passed after their return.
  • My prediction however, is that the second person to die in the United States from Swine flu, will not be a person that actually has the illness. The person will sneeze while riding public transportation, and will be beaten to death by panicking passengers.

    5 thoughts on “Swine Flu! EVERYBODY PANIC!

    1. Yes the system is using fear to scare us. But they have actually created this deadly virus, just like they created AIDS. It’s a mix of population control and making billions for the insiders; after all a high ranking Bush regime employee owned the company that made the swine flu vacine that our government then bought! Talk about conflicts of interests.

    2. John, I am sure you also believe the terrorist attacks on 9/11 were an inside job too. Either way, I don’t necessarily believe the “system” is trying to scare us, nor do I believe that either AIDS or swine flu were “created”. Everyone does have their own agenda though… There is fearmongering going on, but the media just wants to scare us into buying their papers or watching their shows so they can make money. If it benefits others, I’m sure they are thrilled, but a lot of blame goes to the “news” which isn’t completely controlled by “the system”. The media nowadays is a joke, they seem to pick any old idiot off the street and let them write “news”.

      Back to swine flu though, yes, people are going to drag their feet when it comes to some medical advances (big pharma doesn’t want the illnesses to go away, it is their moneymaker etc)… But it isn’t totally about that, there are people who actually care about people not getting sick… hmm, like all those people that worked to eradicate smallpox. But see, there is a difference between something like smallpox, and swine flu. Smallpox is a human only virus, if every human is cured, it is possible to “get rid of it”. Swine flu, quite obviously from the name, can live in other animals (a zoonotic pathogen). It is far more difficult to find every animal (vector) that could possibly harbor the virus and quarantine it, wild animals could have it and spread it along. Either way, swine flu is more of a transfer of various strains of influenza, from various different animals, and not something concocted by a person.

      You are right about the population control thing. Not of “the system” as you say, but of mother earth. As humans continue to encroach on wild areas, and disturb animals from their natural habitats that can possibly harbor these viruses, they get spread to us.

    3. I have a relative who got the Swine Flu in Mexico. It is a good thing that he already recovered from this disease.

    4. We should be thankful that the swine flu did not spread very rapidly. it is not very deadly like Ebola but swine flu can still kill you.

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