Another Weirdo, Another Taxi, and old Greyhound Stories

Coming down the steps from the platform this morning at White Plains, I saw some rather odd guy running around wrapped in a white bed comforter… hmm, is it nappy time? Perhaps another homeless guy I don’t recall seeing before… but it did look like it was a nice comforter… almost like the down one I have on my own bed. Hmm…

In other news, there is yet another White Plains taxi driver that isn’t trying very hard… Here is another artist rendition. Yeah, because the first turned out *so* well…

Here are some good past memories of Greyhound, after reminiscing with my friend and travel companion:

  • A man that wanted to give me 20 dollars to see if I could fit in the upper baggage hold of the bus
  • Vitaballs vitamins looking very suspicious on baggage x-rays
  • Taking 20 pounds of cheese from Wisconsin 1100 miles by bus
  • Getting soaked in a rainstorm because the skylight window on the bus would not close.
  • Getting hit on by a guy at the Atlanta bus station at 3am while eating icecream, and telling him we forgot our names.
  • Females flashing other passengers… then giving said passengers their “business card”
  • Getting kicked off the city bus in Las Vegas, because we asked the driver directions, and he said he was not an information booth
  • Almost getting kicked out of Canada because we wanted to get our passports stamped, apparently that desire makes them want to investigate you further… so we got detained. And my friend joked around when they asked her how much money she had, and said “a dollar.” Let’s just say the woman who detained us didn’t find this very amusing.
  • Shopkeeper in Wisconsin convincing my friend and I to buy cheese hats… We said that we would have no place to put them in our baggage, and she suggested we wear them on the bus, and told us of a man that was in a plane crash and was protected by his cheese hat, which he couldn’t fit in his luggage. Research into this subject proves that it is for the most part true, though the man was a pilot of a small plane and was not on a commercial aircraft.
  • A man with many face piercings bleeding profusely all over himself, and the bus.
  • A drug addict that lost his bag of drugs…
  • Does Greyhound even sell 30 day bus passes any more???

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