Guy’s Cue Cards and Conductors Gone Wild

This evening conductor Guy showed off his “Cue Cards” … for those troublesome passengers that happen to be listening to music devices with headphones and ignoring calls for tickets. He had several of them, asking for tickets, get your feet off the seat, and other amusing and useful phrases. They were all written on the back of one of the advertisement posters, conveniently ripped into smaller pieces. Another passenger’s suggestion was to get them translated into Spanish. Either way, I found the cards incredibly amusing. While snapping photos I said, “this is SO going on the internet.” After which conductor Peter, who was in the background of my picture taking, covered his face with his conductor’s hat. Guy’s response to that? “Yeah, you wouldn’t want to end up on Conductors Gone Wild or anything!” after which he began to dance around the car. Too great! Enjoy the pictures! (click to enlarge!)